HaBO: Tennis-Playing British Prince

This HaBO request comes from Starlight Archer, who wants to find this really cute sounded royal romance:

I’m on the hunt for a book that I sampled a couple years ago.

From what I recall, it’s a modern day Sports/Royalty mashup. Our hero is a competitive tennis playing British prince, while our heroine is a young plucky American gal (who has potential to become a fashion designer). She’s visiting Wimbledon and working in the tea tent.

They meet when she delivers his tea, and he gets a good luck kiss from her right before his match. I think she’s staying with her artistic auntie during her visit, and her overly worried father is overly worried about her from the far side of the pond.

And that’s as far as I got. With the announced nuptials of Britain’s funnest prince, I think now would be the perfect time to give this a read…if I could only find it again.

Man, I want to read this one.

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