This HaBO request comes from Caroline, who is looking for this historical romance series:

So I’ve been searching for this novel/series and haven’t been able to turn anything up on my own. Here’s everything (and I mean everything!) I remember about the book(s):

It’s a historical romance trilogy about three sisters. I think one of them might be named Kate, and there’s one whose nickname is something like Syn or Cyn. S/Cyn is the wild one of the three, and her book’s hero is named Harry or something that starts with an H—but his nickname is “Danger,” so they’re “sin and danger” (get it?). I remember almost nothing about the plot except that at the end S/Cyn has left the city to live alone in a house on a hill, and Harry manages to find out where she’s gone and goes to dramatically confess his love for her. After he does so, she reveals that she’s pregnant. I read it back in the 2000s, and unfortunately I can’t remember anything about the other two books in the trilogy.

I know it’s not much but I’m dying to figure out what these books are!

The Cyn/Syn nickname feels very familiar.

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