HaBO: Series Set in Turn of the Century NYC

This HaBO request is from Michelle. She’s after an American historical romance series:

The books were set in New York at the turn of the century. The mansions were just going up on 5th Ave.

The heroine was from a very wealthy, high society family and they built a mansion there. The heroine was always sneaking out of the mansion day and night. Her family had several siblings and the brother had a bad boy vibe also. Automobiles were just starting to come in vogue. There was a love triangle.

The hero I liked was a rich, experienced, slightly older man with a bad reputation. He was slightly accepted due to his wealth and he was hot. His name might have been Hart.

There seemed to be mysteries in the books that the heroine helped in solving. The romance was built up over several books. In one of the books the heroine and Hart got engaged. However, they seemed to go back and forth due to the 3rd person in the love triangle. I believe he was a cop.

There seemed to be 3 or 4 books, spaced apart by 9 months to a year between books. I think the 1st book was about 20 years ago. I bought the books in paperback. The writer wrote other books besides this series and I used to wait and wait for these books to release. I waited for the final book to come out because I don’t know how the series ended and who the heroine picked. I don’t know if the author finished the series. It’s been driving me crazy for freaking ever.

Can we help Michelle out?

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