HaBO: My Lachlan of the Moors

This HaBO comes from Lisa F. and they want to find this very Gothic sounding historical romance:

It was a historical – I want to say it’s roughly set in the late 1800s London. A kind of a Frankenstein pastiche.

The heroine is the abused daughter of a disgraced doctor. She’s forced to assist him as he does medical/resurrection experiments on the stolen (dead) bodies of wastrels. Hero is a “corpse” the father steals, is very much alive (duh), and an amnesiac Duke-or-Earl who was robbed and knocked unconscious and dumped into the pile of stolen corpses. When the heroine realizes he’s alive, they rely on each other to escape her evil father and return the hero to his family, falling in love along the way.

I remember two other specific things about the book: she calls the hero “My Lachlan of the Moor(s)”, and there’s a scene that happens late in the book when she’s pregnant and he approaches her at a garden party.

This sounds fascinating.

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