This HaBO comes from Alex, who might be looking for an older romantic suspense or a contemporary with suspense elements:

I read this book years ago when I was about 15, all the way back in 1991/92 so we’re really going back a bit.

The heroine is an investigative reporter, very good at her job but gets kidnapped/serious trauma (sorry that bit is vague). Then the guy she’s had a previous fling with offers her his cabin and nurses her back to health. Obviously they end up in bed again, but she’s determined not to commit.

He wasn’t your classic 80s alpha (I’m almost 99% sure it was written in the 80s) and was quietly determined to love her. He doesn’t get angry when she leaves, just says I’m here for you when you’re ready. She literally gets to the driveway and realises she loves him too!

It was a Mills and Boon, but I’ve no idea what category; it was so long ago. My best friend was given a shoe box full of Mills and Boon by her Nanna and we DEVOURED them. I’ve checked Carole Mortimer’s and Nora Roberts’ backlist, as they were writing back then, but it’s not either of them. I’ve always remembered it because my 15 year old self loved the hero’s non alpha-ness, especially when most of those other 80s M&B were absolutely chock full of alpha male bosses, who resented the heroine for making them feel feelings!

Does anyone recognize this one?

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