HaBO: Housekeeper Heroine Hides Her Pregnancy

This HaBO request is from Lynn, who is looking for the historical romance below:

I’ve seen postings for this book on different websites and so far no one has been successful in finding the book.

It’s a historical romance set in England, I believe, during the 1800’s or so. It was written within the last 5-10 years.

The heroine comes to work for the hero as a housekeeper. She is pregnant when she comes to work for the hero, but doesn’t disclose her condition to the hero when she takes he job and lives there. The hero is very cold and rude to her in the beginning. Once she gives birth, the hero is cold towards the baby too.

Until in one scene, the hero is sitting on a chair/wheelchair in his library or office and the baby is crawling around on the floor and the hero does kind of grow to like the child.

The hero is scarred/disabled from either war or from a tragic accident in his past. The only other people living in his home/the grounds are those who work for him and have been with him for years. So while they know he is rude and cold, they still love him and feel compassion for him because of everything he has been through in his life.

The hero doesn’t like the heroine in the beginning but kind of grows to like her throughout the story, it’s definitely a slow burn kind of historical romance. She is more sassy and kind of outgoing where he’s introverted and cold and quiet. What really kind of makes him realize he does care for her is when he falls ill and is completely out of it and the heroine takes care of him. Another scene that stands out clearly is that the heroine actually gives the hero some of her breastmilk when he is sick.

Once he recovers some is when he is sitting with the baby crawling on the floor ( I believe a baby boy).

This is kind of twist on the Beauty and Beast concept and is a historical romance.

(It’s not A Year and a Day.)

I believe in you, Bitchery!


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