HaBO: Heroine Paints People Destined to Save the World

This HaBO is from Amy and she’s looking for this fantasy novel:

I’ve read this fantasy book but I just can’t remember it’s name. It’s the first book in a trilogy, too.

The book stars a woman who’s a painter. She pained six people, including herself, to save the world. She is the seer and her romantic partner is a guy who can shoot lighting.

Baffled, but believed it is a sign that she should take a vacation and travel, she leaves to a foreign country. There, at a motel, she spots a lady from her painting. That lady says she’s a treasure hunter? Then the guy protagonist also comes and chats with the ladies, something about finding a treasure. They all decide to team up and stay at the cottage that the guy’s friend owns. There’s also a cute dog.

Eventually, they meet up with the other two guys and the last girl, who’s a mermaid and appeared one night at a cliff near the cottage. Lastly, there was this fight with a evil lady and it turns out one guy could shape shift.

This sounds really freakin’ cool!

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