HaBO: Hero Helps Labor Organizations

You did it! We figured this one out! It is a truth universally acknowledged (by me for certain) that the Bitchery pretty much knows everything, and really, it’s true. Scroll down to see the solution for this HaBO – and many thanks!

This HaBO comes from Sarah and she’s looking for an American historical romance:

The second is an American historical mass paperback that I read in the early to mid nineties. I think it had a yellow or gold cover. It was set in California or Oregon in the late 19th or early 20th century.

The heroine’s father owns an orchard or vineyard. Hero is somehow affiliated with union or labor organizers – he might be a professor studying labor organization – at any rate, he is in conflict with heroine’s father because of the poor working conditions of the orchard/farm laborers. He wears glasses and has collar length hair. Heroine is kept very separate from workers and is monitored/controlled by a governess/keeper who restricts her into very prim and proper behavior.

In the early part of the book, she even sleeps like a lady and wakes up in the morning in the same position she fell asleep in, with hair contained neatly in a braid.

There was a (to my high school mind) a very hot skinnydipping/oral sex scene in a pond. The morning after the heroine’s sexual awakening, she wakes sprawled across the bed with hair loose and chocolate cake hidden under the bed and her governess/caretaker is appalled. As she interacts with hero, she becomes more aware of the farm laborers and confronts her father.

Man, I wish I could sleep like a lady.


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