HaBO: Hero Climbs Through Heroine’s Window

This HaBO request is from Hannah, who is looking for a historical romance:

I’m looking for a book, it’s a historical romance novel, Victorian era I think. One of the first scenes involves the main female character at a house party. The main male character sneaks in through her window trying to escape a woman hiding in his room to trap him in a marriage. She helps him out by hiding him in her bed curtains. Both main characters are perused by rather villainous characters ,wanting to trap them in marriage and more awkward situations ensue. Eventually there is a trip to a castle and she almost has to marry the villain. I wanna say he is nobility and friends with a member of her family.

I’m pretty sure there is a sequel about a girl named Meg who is into botany and trying to find a husband based on his plants. It starts with her at a party, kissing potential suitors in the hedge.

Now I’m sure window-sneaking isn’t terribly uncommon, but maybe someone knows this based on the awesome sounding sequel.

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