HaBO Double Dose: Heroine Gifted an Expensive Black Opal Ring

This HaBO comes from Emmy, who’s hoping to find two books:

My school library stocked these romance novels with very large print fonts, and usually pastel blue or pink colored covers. I am actually looking for two novels – one had a heroine whose dead husband had been a spy and she was scarred because he had been abusive. Enter our hero who is a spy himself and needs the heroine’s help in stopping South China Sea pirates, which our heroine had done research on.

In the meanwhile, they pretend they’re married, he buys her an extremely expensive black opal ring, they fall in love, and when the pirate leader asks her to show her devotion, she agrees to slice off her little finger for the hero’s sake. Ring a bell, anyone?

The second novel had our hero and heroine infiltrate a dubious pseudo-communist country to search for her lost father. They dance the csardas, he calls her ‘gypsy’ a bunch of times (UGH), and then he gets caught so she and her dad can flee. And later they are reunited after the hero’s country ransoms him back or something.

I am being driven mad, since my Google-fu is not working. HELP!

Not sure if the second romance is related to the first or not.

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