HaBO: Climax Produces a Shower of Flowers

This HaBO comes to us from Cindy, who hopes to find this particular romance:

It’s historical.

The main character is a witch. She isn’t very good at being a witch.

She is Irish, I think.

She casts a spell and is transported to someplace else. I don’t remember where.

In the meantime, there is a duke who needs to find a wife and his friends tell him to marry the first woman he looks at or something like that.

Bam! She appears on the street and the duke picks her.

The duke doesn’t know she’s a witch.

The next thing I remember, is a scene where they are stranded in a cottage. They get it on and when she has an orgasm flowers rain over them.

They do get married and have kids.

I’m insanely curious about the hero’s reaction to the flower shower.

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