This HaBO comes from Candace, who is looking for this adventurous romance:

It was written in the 1960s (think Breakfast At Tiffany’s, not Woodstock).

An art student returns from Paris back to NYC, where she studies at Cooper Union. She’s broke, so decides to stow away on a cruise ship & “mingle” her way across the Atlantic, maybe finding someone to relieve her of her pesky virginity, too.

She has a red wig, a trench coat, and “chukka boots”. There’s a Don Juan-type former bullfighter.

There are also Russians & blinis & vodka. A nerdy guy with glasses is her HEA.

I’m unsure if it was written during the 1960s or takes place in the 1960s. Keep that in mind! Also, very curious where the Russians come in.

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