HaBO: Always Makes Love in French

This HaBO request comes from A.D. and they’ve been looking for this series for years:

I read these books between 2005 and 2006, as part of a historical romance book club. At the time, I never really took stock of names. Each book in the series follows a different couple and I’ve only read two of them.

The first I remember was of an Englishman who falls for an American noblewoman. The girl is also peculiar because, I think ,she liked to sing and may have wanted to perform in the opera. This was supposedly improper at the time. I wasn’t really a fan of it, but the romance was okay. The singing…not so much. In one instance, I think both of them are on a cliff edge and start singing together!

The second book is the one I really enjoyed, and the one I’m trying to find. The man is half English and half French. I think his mother was French. I don’t remember his name or title. He was a quiet man, though. And one night, a young woman goes to his room. I don’t know if she was a maid, but she was definitely not highly titled. That night, he took her virginity (per the usual) and though inexperienced, they had a connection. The romance felt more subdued and sensual than the noisy passion in the first book. One striking thing I remember is that the woman asked him in what language he thinks, and he answered that he thought in English…but always made love in French (Aaaaaaaaaah! *faints from heat*). I don’t remember what the conflict was, but he seemed to have some beef with people in France. He and his other male friends belonged to an elite club, but I’m not sure if they were spies because the hero has some level of PTSD from…something. They did belong to a fencing club, I think. I don’t remember the girl’s circumstances. But they do grow to love and respect one another. They never had a hate to love relationship. I think the girl just wanted to please the, guy but didn’t always know how to. The couple makes an appearance in the other novels.

I only read a preview of the third or fourth book. It took place in a location outside of England. There could have been a harem involved, but the main characters were still English.

Please help me if you can. Every year, I try to hunt for this book to no avail. I hope I can get some hints here.

Can we solve this for A.D.?


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