Ghacks Deals: Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscriptions (86% off)

If you are looking for a password manager with sync functionality built-in, Password Boss Premium may be a suitable candidate for that.

Password Boss is available as a free, feature-limited version, and a Premium version that includes the full feature set.

The password manager is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It supports all the major features of modern password managers such as strong encryption, client-side encryption and decryption, 2-step verification support, password generation, password imports from a variety of clients and auto-logins and auto-form-filling.

Password Boss supports some advanced features such as remote device deletions, copy protection, browser and device verification, or custom data storage locations  that many password managers don’t support.

A lifetime subscription that you may use on up to three devices is available for $19.99 right now on Ghacks Deals. We have a five device and unlimited devices offer as well if you need more devices.

Click here to open Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscriptions on Ghacks Deals

Use this premium app to store and auto-fill usernames and passwords for all your online accounts. Just remember one master password, and let Password Boss do the rest. This means you’ll always be using strong passwords composed of randomized character strings, for maximum security and peace-of-mind.

Use one master password to fill in unique usernames & passwords for different websites
Store an unlimited number of passwords
Auto-fill forms on websites w/ saved passwords
Access your passwords anywhere w/ syncing across devices
Share passwords w/ unlimited number of people
Prevent data theft by deleting data from lost devices & utilizing 2-step verification

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