Get More out of Your Hike With These Terrific Apps

For the outdoor enthusiast who wants a great GPS app for all of their activities

With Map My Tracks Walking, you get a terrific GPS experience. It provides you with information about your distance traveled, speed, pace, heart rate, calories burned, duration, and elevation gains and losses. It synchronizes to for detailed analysis of your performance, and you can even stream your cycle rides, runs, or hikes live for friends and family to follow online. It’s a social GPS app with plenty of features to keep your hike fun and safe.

Why we love it

The social experience behind this app is extraordinary. It allows you to live stream your hikes, assuming you have an internet connection, so your friends and family can follow along and encourage you. At the same time, it provides all of the features you would expect from a GPS mapping app, giving you a great outline of your hike, bicycle ride, or any other outdoor voyage.