Full Amazon Alexa Voice Control Coming to the Alexa iOS App

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Amazon Alexa
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January 19, 2018

While we’re waiting for Apple’s HomePod, Amazon Alexa is taking another big onto iOS devices. According to TechCrunch, a forthcoming update to the Amazon Alexa app will bring full Alexa voice control.

The feature was rolled out today to Android devices with an iOS update on the way. The timing of the release is unknown, though.

In early 2017, Amazon added limited Alexa support to the main Amazon shopping app.

During the most recent holiday season, Amazon’s Echo line of devices were apparently a popular gift in the United States. The Alexa app rose to the No. 1 spot on the App Store charts on December 25 and stayed there for a few days after the holiday.

Anyone setting up their Echo device for the first time needs the companion app to fine tune the Settings and different options. And adding full Alexa support could bring even more users into the fold.


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa