1. Declarative Assembly of Web Applications From Predefined ConceptsTo build an app, the developer imports concepts from the catalog, tunes them to fit the application’s particular needs via configuration variables, and links concept components together to create pages. Components of different concepts may be executed independently, or bound together declaratively with dataflows and synchronization. The instantiation, configuration, linking, and binding of components is all expressed in a simple template language that extends HTML. (via Morning Paper)
  2. Programmers and ExperienceUncle Bob’s rough estimate of the number of programmers doubling every five years has a necessary consequence: it means that half the programmers out there have less than five years’ experience. That sentence blew my mind.
  3. The Commuting Paradox — 2004 paper that finds people with longer commuting time report systematically lower subjective well-being. Something I feel acutely. Interestingly, the Hacker News comments have stories from people who feel invigorated by their commute.
  4. Amazon Builders Library — a lot of great documentation on how Amazon builds and operates software.

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