Four short links
Four short links
  1. Indigenous Data Sovereignty — a podcast with Keoni Mahelona, who is part of Māori team building software to transcribe Māori speech.
  2. ButthaxThis repository contains code for an exploit chain targeting the Lovense Hush connected buttplug and associated software. This includes fully functional exploit code for a Nordic Semiconductor BLE stack vulnerability affecting all versions of SoftDevices s110, s120 and s130, as well as versions of the s132 SoftDevice 2.0 and under. Have a happy and safe weekend, y’all.
  3. Toward an Information Operations Kill Chain (Bruce Schneier) — it’s time to conceptualize the “information operations kill chain.” Information attacks against democracies, whether they’re attempts to polarize political processes or to increase mistrust in social institutions, also involve a series of steps. And enumerating those steps will clarify possibilities for defense.
  4. Advances in Optical Neural NetworksAfter its design and training in a computer using modern deep learning methods, each network is physically fabricated, using for example 3-D printing or lithography, to engineer the trained network model into matter. This 3-D structure of engineered matter is composed of transmissive and/or reflective surfaces that altogether perform machine learning tasks through light-matter interaction and optical diffraction, at the speed of light, and without the need for any power, except for the light that illuminates the input object. This is especially significant for recognizing target objects much faster and with significantly less power compared to standard computer-based machine learning systems. For the performance of a neural network, not the training of it, but still a nifty idea.
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