A woman who worked in the male-dominated water tank manufacturing industry is suing her former employer — accusing her supervisor of sexual harassment. She claims when she reported it, she was the one who got fired.

19-year-old Corissa Thompson started at Maguire Iron in September 2017. .

Court papers say a few months into her employment Tyler Wassom began making sexual advances. It wasn’t long before he became her supervisor. At that point, the court papers claim the advances got worse.

Federal court papers claim the sexual harassment also went beyond the workplace.

Thompson says her supervisor, Tyler Wassom, called her and sent her snapchat messages insisting she let him come over to her house so he could “show her a good time”

The documents say Wassom showed up outside her house and physically grabbed her at a party. She shoved him away and “told him to stop”

Then Wassom allegedly went into graphic details about his genitalia and oral sex. At the time Thompson was in a relationship with a woman.

Thompson claims that Wassom subjected her to unwanted sexual touching at work on “numerous occasions”. Thompson says she changed how she dressed, wearing looser-fitting “boy” jeans to try to dissuade Wassom from pursuing her.

Thompson says she kept telling Wassom to stop and on one occasion threatened to report him to human resources. He reportedly told her to “go ahead,” because they will “do nothing.”

The lawsuit says a coworker warned Thompson she’d lose her job if she reported him.

When Thompson again threatened to report him to management, court papers say Wassom went to management himself and accused her of being insubordinate and she was the one written up. 

Thompson later had surgery and was put on lifting restrictions. But she alleges that Wassom ordered her to “throw more than 100 pounds of steel” which violated those restrictions.

Thompson did as she was told, but then had to sit down. At that point Wassom allegedly told her he was going to write her up for it unless she performed oral sex.

Thompson says she immediately reported that incident to management at Maguire. But court papers say 30 minutes later she was called into the conference room, fired and escorted off the premises. The lawsuit alleges that the supervisor only spoke with Wassom about the incident and not human resources.

Thompson is seeking more than $75,000 in damages for lost income, emotional distress and humiliation.

She’s also asking for attorneys’ fees and punitive damages. We requested an interview with Thompson, but were denied.

Her attorney sent us the following statement: 

“The allegations in the complaint are serious and speak for themselves. We are proud to represent Corissa Thompson. She is a brave young woman. And we look forward to her day in court.”—Matthew Frank, Attorney for Plaintiff.

Maguire Iron sent us this statement:

“Maguire Iron takes situations like this very seriously and is aware of the lawsuit that has been filed. We are working with legal counsel on this matter.”


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