[email protected] Android app is now open source

Your phone is a powerhouse compared to even the most impressive supercomputers from a few decades ago, and most of the time that power isn’t being put to good use. The [email protected] project is all about harnessing unused CPU cycles from multiple devices and machines across the world in order to solve big medical problems. The Android app has been available for a few years, but it’s now officially open source.

[email protected] is a project from Pande Lab and Stanford University, but Sony has long been involved in the software side. It helped develop the Android client, which you can download now. It was only compatible with Xperia phones for the first few releases. [email protected] uses a phone’s processing power while it’s charging at night to simulate protein folding, which is important to understand diseases like Alzheimer’s and various cancers.

The core engine of [email protected] has been open source for a while, but now the Android app and the web server component has been released as well. You can check out both on Git Hub, if you’re so inclined. Maybe someone will use this code as the base for another cool distributed computing project.

Price: Free

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