Hide your wallet, crafty friends, because this post is gonna get spendy.

I’m here to tell you about the wonder that is yarn clubs–a way to be surprised by exclusive colors in your favorite yarn brands through the mail. It’s pretty much my new favorite thing.

First of all, I will confess to having achieved SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). If I stopped buying yarn today, and lived to be one hundred, I’d probably still die with yarn on my hands. I definitely do not need more yarn.

Also, I am unreasonably addicted to sock yarn in particular. Why? It’s super pretty, it comes in fun colors, and one skein can make a pair of socks or be part of a shawl. Basically I’m always knitting socks and shawls, and if I’m being honest, I never wear the shawls.

At the moment I belong to three yarn clubs: Primrose Yarn Co, Hedgehog Fibers, and Round Mountain Fibers.

Yarn clubs work like this: you pay up front and sign up for a three month commitment. Every month (or every other month depending on the retailer) you get a package in the mail that contains surprise yarn, usually two skeins. I love it so much because it’s like past Elyse sent present Elyse a really cool gift. More than once I’ve had a crappy day and come home to a squishy package on my doorstep just waiting to be squeed over. Pretty yarn makes everything better.

For Primrose Yarn Co, I’ve signed up for six months of their Adelaide Singles club. I already knew that I liked the weight and feel of the yarn since I’d purchased some at Rhineback last year. I also really like the colorways that Primrose offers–they tend to be really bold and stunning with a lot of speckling.

2 skeins of yarn side by side on a white background. The skein on the left is green with red and peach speckling. The skein on the right is a peachy-pink with some red and blue varigation.
Primrose Yarn Co’s yarn club colors for April

I was really thrilled to get Primrose’s April colors since they go together (this isn’t always the case) and could easily be worked into a shawl together.

Their March club was a little more vibrant:

Two skeins of yarn side by side on a white background. The skein on the left is a bright orange with neon pink varigation. The skein the right is a ultra-dark green with marine blue and red and pink varigation.
Primose Yarn Co’s March colors: Raspberry Sangria and Riders on the Storm

It’s a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the skein on right, Riders on the Storm, is actually an ultra dark green and it’s beautiful.

Since I loved the Primrose Yarn Club so much, I also decided to sign up for Hedgehog Fiber’s Skinny Singles club. Hedgehog Fibers has a cult-like following, largely because OMG their yarn is beautiful and vibrant and it works up beautifully. I opted for the Skinny Singles club versus the sock yarn club because I’ve found their sock yarn base to be splitty.

I was hoping to get some bright, neon yarn for sock making and I was NOT disappointed. I think I moaned a little when I opened March’s package:

Two skeins of yarn against a dark blue background. The skein on the left is a deep blue with bright purple and orange varigations. The skein on the right is a neon pink with neon yellow, green and orange varigations.
Hedgehog Fiber’s Skinny Singles March Club in Imagine That and Lollipop

I am SO excited to make some wild socks with those.

Finally I also love Round Mountain Fibers. Their club is a little different because I belong to it through my local yarn store (LYS). I signed up for a three month commitment to their Aquatic club (she has four themes: Botany, Entomology, Ornithology and Aquatic) and I pick up my yarn at my LYS every month.

The first month was a color called Rainbow Trout and we need to talk about how beautifully it’s knitting up. LOOK AT THAT POOLING.

The socks I’m making with this yarn are a pair of basic afterthought heel socks using this pattern by Laura Linneman.

A cake of yarn and the cuff of a sock against a white background. The yarn is a pale green with pooling in light pink and cream, like the colors of a rainbow trout

I’m also working on a pair of socks in a cabled pattern called Valyrian Steel to coincide with the end of Game of Thrones. The yarn I’m using is called Mutant Bath Bomb and it was one of the club colors from Primrose’s February Club. Also it matches the book I’m reading.

A copy of the book The Lady from the Black Lagoon and a cabled sock leg in varying shades of green. A ball of the yarn sits in between them.

Whew. That was a lot of yarn pr0n.

Yarn club costs vary depending on which brand you choose, your shipping option, and how many skeins per month you get. If you’re a person who makes larger projects, like sweaters, it might not appeal much since you’re going to get a smaller quantity of yarn. But if you need a gift for someone, this sort of subscription is a terrific option.

The sign ups for these club are limited so you want to keep an eye on the company’s social media (Instagram especially) for club opening dates. They only send out limited stock, so they keep the sign up period short.

I’ve also recently learned about Gamer Crafting in the UK that offers geeky themed yarn club colors (this month’s was inspired by Pikachu and by Lord of the Rings). She also has a OTP collection with colors like “IvyQuinn” and “Bubbleline.”

Bye bye, paycheck.

Do you belong to any yarn clubs? And what are you stitching?

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