With the fifth mission of Doom Eternal, the number of collectables has gone up rather significantly. It’s very easy to miss them as well, since there may be multiple items in one secret location. But don’t worry, I’ve found all of them and have put together this list of their locations.

The fifth mission of Doom Eternal has a large number of collectable items, 23 to be exact. You’ll also need to find the various secret encounter locations and the Slayer Key.

As always, it’s worth noting that getting to the end of the mission enables Fast Travel so you can pick up collectables that you missed. The automap also helps here and the location of the full automap is just after activating 50% of power to the generators to kill the gore heart. Follow the main path and it should be in the next room.


Here are the locations of the collectables hidden in the fifth mission of Doom Eternal.

Super Gore Nest collectable locations

Secret encounters

  • Secret Encounter #1: One of the teleporters in the room where you need to find the buff totem has the secret encounter. This is not the centre teleporter.
  • Secret Encounter #2: In the area where you find the radiation suit, once you’ve punched a hole in the vent from the monkey bars, you’ll find an area where blasters are spitting fireballs. Jump to the ledge on the right, then climb the wall and jump to the upper floor. You’ll find the secret encounter here.


  • Weaponslave: Acquire a weapon mod.
  • A Bloody Secret: Complete both secret encounters.
  • War Pinkies: Perform three different Glory Kills on Pinkies. Approach from either the front, left side, right side, back, or jumping for different Glory Kills.

If you think that 23 collectables was a lot, the next mission has an eye watering amount of stuff hidden everywhere. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of them, have a look at our guides for all the other collectables in Doom Eternal:

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