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You won't miss any Reviews Books on Sale Help a Bitch Out Cover Snark Giveaways Rec Leagues Fun and Mayhem if you join the SBTB Daily NewsletterDid you know that you can sign up for the SBTB Daily Digest – our once-a-day (hence: daily) newsletter that emails the newest content every day (see? daily!) around 12pm ET?

It’s true!

If you hate missing a book on sale deal, or want to see the latest weirdness or critical discussion we’re having here, sign up and you won’t miss a single day.

We have so many excellent new reviewers, too, so we’re going to have more outstanding new reviews each week.

I set up the SBTB Daily so that you receive the newest content, and you get the entire post – no excerpts. This is contrary to a LOT of advice about RSS newsletters, let me tell you. The theory, I believe, is that a newsletter should drive traffic back to the site, so an excerpt should tempt readers to head over to the HQ for the rest of the mayhem.

Now, I do like when you visit, and I love that our traffic increases month-to-month (that helps keep us in business), but I also want subscribers to, you know, get the SBTB content they’re looking for.

So if you subscribe, you get the entirety of our newest content, including that day’s Books on Sale. In fact, we time the Books on Sale posts so that they’re at the top of the newsletter.

Alas, the comments are not included. That email would be way too large! So if you want to talk with folks, add your opinion, discuss a review or post, solve a HaBO, or generally type words, you have to swing on by the Hot Pink Palace. Don’t worry – we’ll be here waiting.

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss a review, a cover snark, a Help a Bitch Out, Rec Leagues, giveaways or any of the other silliness and critical discussion around here, you can sign up for the SBTB Daily Digest right here.

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