Remember the dog, Isis, from Downton Abbey? I don’t think any other death on the show hit me quite as hard. (Spoiler alert.) I loved how in the midst of all the stately stateliness of Downton, Isis was just a good ol’ lab doing good ol’ lab sorts of things. If it’s true that the clothes make the man, then maybe the collar makes the dog — or so it would certainly seem with these classy canine accessories from Whitstable, England’s The Stately Hound. Their handmade leather collars, rope and leather leads, bandanas, and tags feature details that exude quality and style without sacrificing the functionality dogs need for doing dog sorts of things, including their colorful waterproof Biothane collars designed for the “muckiest” – but still stately – “of pups.” Check out their full collection, including their line of paw balms, shampoos, and fragrance sprays, at The Stately Hound and on Insta.