There are some videos that always, without fail, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, make me laugh or at least give me that bubbly feeling of delight when I watch them again.

I figured you had some as well, so I figured, why not ask? What videos always make you laugh? I asked the crew here at SBTB HQ and now I’m a mess.


Amanda: If you aren’t watching Schitt’s Creek, you need to rectify that.


Sarah: “Get him, Derry!”

Elyse: I lose it when the dog pees, every single time.

Sarah: I am now cry-laughing.

This one always gets me: Russell Howard, after announcing that the English accent was voted “sexiest” by some poll, attempting to prove that idea very wrong:

Two words: wheelie bins.


Sarah: Banana Head Fart Man? How is that not a movie?

What about you? What videos always make you laugh, every time?

A few guidelines, if you please: drop links in the comments, of course, but give us a bit of an intro into what it is, and why it makes you laugh? 

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