Discussion Question: What Video Always Makes You Laugh?

There are some videos that always, without fail, no matter how many times I’ve seen them, make me laugh or at least give me that bubbly feeling of delight when I watch them again.

I figured you had some as well, so I figured, why not ask? What videos always make you laugh? I asked the crew here at SBTB HQ and now I’m a mess.


Amanda: If you aren’t watching Schitt’s Creek, you need to rectify that.


Sarah: “Get him, Derry!”

Elyse: I lose it when the dog pees, every single time.

Sarah: I am now cry-laughing.

This one always gets me: Russell Howard, after announcing that the English accent was voted “sexiest” by some poll, attempting to prove that idea very wrong:

Two words: wheelie bins.


Sarah: Banana Head Fart Man? How is that not a movie?

What about you? What videos always make you laugh, every time?

A few guidelines, if you please: drop links in the comments, of course, but give us a bit of an intro into what it is, and why it makes you laugh? 

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