Cover Snark: Wait, How Many Babies?

Buckle in for some Cover Snark!

The Sheikh's Sextuplet Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner. A man in a tux and a woman in a wedding dress with heavy makeup are standing close together. The woman is looking at the reader and she does not seem happy.

Amanda: Neither party looks thrilled about this sextuplet surprise.

Carrie: Every single thing about this cover hurts me.

Tara: I refuse to believe anyone pregnant with sextuplets would have the energy to put on that much makeup. I couldn’t be bothered when I was pregnant and I had singletons.

Maya: She’s got a classic who farted face on and I guess there are a lot of people to choose from?

Elyse: To be fair, I’d be pretty upset about surprise sextuplets too.

Shana: I’m concerned about the green stuff smushed between them. Is it a boutonnière made of larvae?

When the Marquess Was Mine by Caroline Linden. A woman in a light purple dress is lying on a bed with a shirtless man who is wrapped up in purple satin sheets. His torso is very long and his belly button is missing.

Amanda: That is a long torso.

Carrie: It is. Is he a shapeshifter in mid-shift? Is he Plastic Man? Otherwise I sure love that shade of purple. It’s just one elongated torso away from Cover Awe.

Sarah: His navel is missing. Right? They photoshopped out his belly button?

Omg is he a Regency Alien??!!

Amanda: Kyle XY, Historical Edition.

Tara: I want to know how far down those abs go. Like, is it just abs all the way down?

Sneezy: Oh god, it’s all clear now! He’s a human centipede! Run girl, RUN!!!

28 Dates by Stacey Lynn. A man and woman are in front of a gray background in just their underthings. The woman is trying to climb on the man's shoulders while he's sitting down.

Elyse: WHY

Sarah: Knees?

Amanda: She HAS to be sitting on something because there’s no way she can sustain that position.

Elyse: That would have to be a really tiny stool and she ain’t got pants on.

Sarah: She has a tail. It is prehensile. She is going to lovingly strangle him in a moment, maybe.

Carrie: There are 28 limbs in this picture!

Tara: She looks like she’s mid climb. But where to?

Maya: It’s a variation of that moment in Chewing Gum when Tracey sits on Conner’s face while still being fully dressed!

Claudia: Are they getting ready to play chicken fight? If so, where’s the pool?

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