Gather round for some Cover Snark!

King's Rule by Jackie Ashenden. A headless, buff dude has half of a dress shirt and blazer on.

Elyse: Jason. Buddy. You gotta put your arm through the other side now. C’mon man

Amanda: I wonder if he’s like a toddler and whenever his valet comes into dress him, he goes all boneless and throws a tantrum.

Sarah: Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable if you put on one shirt sleeve and then one sleeve of the jacket? Like, I confess to having a bit of a Thing about sleeves bunched up beneath other sleeves on my arms, but this seems inefficient and uncomfortable as a method.

Black Mountain Bears Stonetree Trilogy: Clawed, Bitten and Nailed by Ophelia Bell. A headless man is standing in some thick snow and woods. There's a red bow where his head should be.

From Pam G: Did this guy’s head get Clawed, Bitten, or Nailed, and who thought a big red bow would make that ok?

Amanda: I wonder if there’s nothing up top, like he’s just a Barbie without a head up there. Nothing but that nub.

Sarah: I vote for bitten. Bitten clean off. The bow is hiding (or absorbing) the bloodstains.

Cramming Her Candy Bag by Farrah Paige. A woman in a very cheap angel costume is holding the tiniest plastic pumpkin candy pail. Four shirtless men, riddled with abs, are standing behind her.

Amanda: I know this is supposed to be a euphemism, but I’d love a full bucket of halloween candy.

Also…that “candy bag” she’s holding is already pretty small.

Sarah: Not nearly large enough for substantial cramming.

Elyse: Am I the only one who didn’t see “Cramming” at first?

Amanda: And what are they cramming it with? Are we talking king size Snickers? A tootsie roll? Twizzlers?

Elyse: If it’s Smarties I’m gonna be disappointed.

Amanda: Hey now! I love Smarties.

Sarah: I’m with Elyse. Smarties are always left over after the good stuff is gone. Will send you all of ours.

Amanda: Please and thank you. The white Smarties are the best tasting and I save them for last.

Sarah: I think Smarties might also work as a euphemism.

Tragic by J.A. Huss. A man in a tight-fitting, long sleeved white shirt is lifting up one side and cupping his bare pec.

From Darlynne: What is he looking at?? He’s checking for something, but I don’t have a good feeling about what might be missing or hiding out.

Sarah: I have no idea what he’s looking at, and indeed, it is alarming to not know!

Armpit? Crotch? Did he lose his sandwich in one of his abdominal ridges?

Nah, can’t be the last one. To have ridges like that means avoiding sandwiches, I think.

Amanda: I know these covers are here for snarkage, but a lot of them serve as a great reminder to schedule a breast exam.

Elyse: Ah, the deep in thought while staring at my own abs pose.

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