Grab yourself a hot cup of Cover Snark!

Wolf Nip by Vivian Arend. A shirtless bust of a man is positioned in front of some spooky woods. A silhouette of a wolf howling is in the foreground.

Amanda: Excuse me? What?

Sarah: But I see two nips. Shouldn’t it be Wolf Nips? WAIT. Is Dr. Nips a shifter?! That is a terrific potential story right there. (Also: Vivian Arend writes really fun shifter stories, and often plays with the tropes.)

No, definitely two nipples there.

CarrieS: I see no way that title can work. Ever.

Elyse: It’s the Dr. Nips Halloween special.

Two Brutes, One Barista by Shaye Marlow. A dude is sitting on a weight bench next to a flowing river. Next to him appears to be a couple doing the tango, completely with ballroom competition costumes.

Amanda: There’s a lot going on here and I hope it’s like one of those seeing magic pictures, where if you stare at it long enough, something will make sense.

Sarah: Why are there so many legs?

Amanda: Also, did this dude really drag his kettle bell and weightlifting bar out to a river?

Sarah: Where is the other half of the bar? Is he about to get sucked into the water? He’ll be bear food in a few.

CarrieS: I…am I awake?

Cold Mark by Scarlett Dawn. A woman in a furry jumpsuit is being seduced by two pale, white-haired men. They're also on some weird rocky, blue and yellow planet.

Amanda: Is she wearing a velvet sparkly jumpsuit?

Sarah: I thought it was hair. A lot of body hair. With a large areola.

So which one is Mark?

Elyse: Is it just me or can you see one of her nipples and it’s huge?

Amanda: And I can’t unsee it now.

Damian by Jessica Wood. A dude with very bushy eyebrows is looking straight at us through the cover. The title and his name is hard to make out because it's written in bright blue cursive.

Amanda: That title is an assault on the eyes.

Sarah: Oh, dear. I find I must express my dislike of that font and all its incarnations. I cannot read it. I spend half the time trying to identify the letters and then, every time, I’m wrong. This font is the new “Scriptina” on romance covers, and I dislike it in quite a measurable amount.

I think it says, “Dandelion.”

CarrieS: I thought it said “Damien.”

Elyse: I see Daniah.

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