Cover Snark: No Need for Nursing Bras

Hello there! I know it’s everyone’s favorite day: Cover Snark Day! Pour yourself some coffee or tea and settle in, though do avoid taking a sip while reading.

Winter's Heat by Denise Domning. There's a castle in the background. The hero is facing away from the cover. He is shirtless and his hands are on his hips. The heroine is fully clothed in a green dress. She's facing the reader. She puts a comforting hand on the hero's shoulder while glancing down at his bits and bobs.

Pam G: In the words of the inimitable Bernadette Peters (and only justification for the movie Pink Cadillac): “Looks like a penis. . . only smaller.”

Sarah: She looks very disappointed.

Or did she just tell him to turn his head and cough?

Amanda: I love the comforting hand on his shoulder.

Sarah: “Oh, honey.”

CarrieS: “In my defense, dear, it is very cold out here.”

A Sheikh for Christmas by Leslie North. A dark-haired man with stubble stands beneath some mistletoe. He's shirtless and his body looks very much like an inverted triangle. Very buff on top with a teeny waist.

From @Kelly_Instalove on Twitter.

RHG: There are so many levels of bad in the mess

Sarah: I cannot even. I can only prime. Prime myself to slap that book to the moon, with no return.

RHG: How about the sun? That’s way it’ll burn up,never to be seen again.


Elyse looking very confused with her head tilted to the left.

Elyse still looking confused. Her head is tilted to the right this time, hoping things might make sense from that angle.

Amanda: He definitely skips leg day.

RHG: He removed a lower rib or three.

Sarah: Do people not know Islam…never mind. I’ve already put too much thought into this.

RHG: The sheikh thing is sooooooo…so.

Police Officer's Princess by Flora Ferrari. The left half of the cover is blue and the right half is red. There's a policeman wearing a police cap and some big aviator sunglasses. His shirt is unbuttoned. In the foreground is a little girl. She's wearing a pair of 3D glasses while eating from a bucket of popcorn.

RHG: Uh.

Elyse: WTF is going on here

Nu huh.

Elyse: This is…


Elyse: Like a bunch of people looked at this, right? Multiple people approved this? No one raised their hand and said “Hey, guys…?”

Amanda: “A single dad brother’s best friend police officer romance.”

Sarah: I know what those words mean individually. But together in that order I am confused.

A Knight for Kallen by Lauren Linwood. A castle sits on a hill. A man is shirtless and wearing a fur cape. He's crushing the heroine to his...bosom. The heroine's mouth is perilously close to a nipple.

Amanda: Is she breastfeeding?

Sarah: He looks like he is insistent and she doesn’t know how to tell him that it won’t work.

RHG: Kallen?

CarrieS: Has a faint resemblance to Christopher Lambert in the Highlander – but when it comes to the Highlander, there can be only one, and it’s not this guy.