Cover Snark: I Do, I Guess?

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you had a lovely weekend, though with work starting again for the week, some Cover Snark is definitely in order.

Them Back Dimples by May Sage. A shirtless dude is face away from the reader and he has a vascular back. Maybe too vascular, as if there is some sort if subliminal highway map in his veins.

Amanda: All right, but I think today’s Cover Snark award goes to…


RHG: That wins.

Sarah: I think those are back canyons. Possibly also some back arroyo.

CarrieS: What the hell am I looking at???

The Engagement Plot by Krista Phillips. A man is proposing and down on one knee. However, his perhaps fiancee is looking extremely worried and confused. She's also uncomfortably breaking the fourth wall by making direct eye contact with the reader. I think this marriage is doomed before it begins.

Sarah: What’s the plot, exactly?

Elyse: Worlds smallest dick in a box?

Sarah: HAHAHA Did he cut a hole in it?

Amanda: I’ve never been engaged before, but something tells me that if you’re making that face during a proposal, you already know what answer to give him.

CarrieS: Agreed.

Wounded Wings by Shauna Allen. There's a weird blood red background. A woman is really and I do mean really clenching the hero to her bosom. She's also wearing just a bra. The title is in confusing script with a pair of disembodied white angel wings floating behind it.

Amanda: Those wings are the equivalent of a bad lower back tattoo

RHG: Is she trying to smother him with her boobs?

Amanda: I mean, it looks like it’s working.

CarrieS: My god she looks bored.

Amanda: That title font also hurts my eyeballs.

Dangerous Heat by Sloan McBride. A shirtless fireman is walking away from some sort of field that is ablaze. In the yellow of his pants is a woman's face and also the silhouette of a woman. Are they the same woman? Who knows!

From P.T.

Sarah: Yes. That is definitely dangerous heat. Are firefighters always shirtless under their protective gear? That seems unwise.

Dare I say…dangerous.


Sarah: And ghost person?

Multiple ghostpeople.

He needs to put his jacket back on.

Amanda: There is definitely a disembodied face and a tiny shadow lady. Are they the same person?!

CarrieS: Don’t remove your protective gear when you are standing in flames. Firefighting rule #1. Also, I just can’t stop thinking about how awful he must smell.

With that in mind, as someone from a state that goes up in flames every year, thank you firefighters. I salute you. Just please, you know…shower, and keep your gear on when you are standing in flames, that’s what it’s FOR.

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