Didn’t we just do a Cover Snark? Sometimes they just sneak up on me!

Ignite the Flame by Susan Griscom. A man and woman are surrounded by flames and the man appears to be booping the woman's nose with his thumb.

From Jazzlet: Why is she checking his pulse? Why are her hands so tiny? Why is he feeling her nose? Why are his hands so big? Sooo many questions.

Sarah: I envy his ability with a smoky eye and facial hair sculpting. And Jazzlet is right – the composition makes for a really confusing perspective.

Amanda: Nothing says love like a little nose boop.

Sarah: The perspective is SO WEIRD I can’t stop looking at it. Her hand is so small while his is so large.



Cowboy Defender by Carla Cassidy. An older man is helping a young blonde woman over a fence. But wait, that's not a fence. It's a gate. It has a latch.

From Deidre: He looks like her dad, giving her a push on the gate!

Amanda: And also…it’s a gate. They could just walk through it.

Sarah: Where’s the fun in THAT?!

Elyse: This is giving me flashbacks to Colton’s season of The Bachelor

Carrie: It’s Woody Harrelson! OMG, its Woody and Kelly, our favorite couple from Cheers!

On vacation at the farm!

Amanda: So..I think I’ve found one of the best snark covers.


The Empath by Bonnie Vanak. The whole cover is awash in a red filter. A woman is standing behind the hero and she's ripping his shirt open, exposing his nipples. A castle is in the background with a mysterious crow in flight.

Elyse: Yikes

Carrie: She’s totally about to rip out his jugular with her teeth

However, it’s a nice change to see the guy’s bodice being ripped for once. Too bad it’s being ripped by someone who is seconds away from eating him in a not nice way.

Amanda: It looks like she’s tweaking his nips.

Sarah: And he is not enjoying it.

This is breathtaking.

In His Sights by La Bryce. A man with washboard abs is lifting up a white t-shirt to show off one nipple. A single nip.

From Gloriamarie: I don’t know about him, but I use my eyes to sight things with.

Sarah: He’s not having a hard time finding the gym, that’s for sure.

Elyse: That’s his laser nipple. Pew! Pew!

Carrie: It’s sort of off to the side making me wonder who or what is behind me?

Amanda: The shirt lift and one nip exposed is a common romance cover model position. But I have to wonder what goes into choosing the nip. Is he showing us his favorite one?

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