Cover Snark: A New Kind of Rorschach Test

It’s Monday! Oh, Mondays. If you’re reaching for another cup of coffee or tea and wishing you could crawl back in bed, hopefully these covers will help you get through the day!

A Vampire's Vindication by Alexis Morgan. A man and woman almost kissing. Everything is in soft focus and both of them are oddly smooth looking. The woman's arm is extremely long.

Amanda: Arms aren’t that long, right?

Redheadedgirl: I think she’s missing an elbow.

Sarah: The angle is weird but I’m thinking she’s just got long limbs. I’m concerned about his proportions, though.

Amanda: He’s very…smooth.

CarrieS: They look like a Ken and Barbie doll doing ballet.

Something Wonderful by M. Clarke. A man is trying to tie a necktie and we're pretty sure the tie is five feet long.

Amanda: I feel like this tie is absurdly long.

Sarah: It’s symbolic.


CarrieS: He doesn’t look like the sharpest tack on the bulletin board.

Jackson's Trust by Violet Duke. A shirtless man is lying down on a bed undoing his belt, but the belt strap in his hand looks like something else.

From Lisa: At a glance, it looks like the cover model has things well in hand.

Elyse: It’s business…it’s business time!

CarrieS: Is that a remote control or are you just happy to see me?

Elyse: The violet duke is the name of his penis.

Redheadedgirl: I think that’s his belt.

Sarah: It’s a wonderfully suggestive belt.

Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins. A man is covered in tribal tattoos and he's holding a woman against him. Front to front - probably nip to nip. And his hand is glowing a very bright yellow.

From SK: Can you tell what the hell is going on in this cover? I can’t.

Sarah: I’m confused. Very confused.

Amanda: That shade of yellow just makes me think of pee. I’m sorry.

Sarah: Is this like a Rorschach test except with arms, and pee?

…I failed the test, didn’t I.

Redheadedgirl: I don’t think you want to pass this test.

Okay well…

I just spent way more time than I want to staring at this.

And the part where her thumb is on his shoulder? Looks like a face in half shadow and now I’m scared.

Elyse: Is he supposed to be the Iron Fist?

CarrieS: I truly don’t understand anything about this cover. I don’t even have snark. I just have honest confusion.

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