Cover Awe: Giddy Smiles, Snakes, & More

We’re back with Cover Awe! Here are four covers that have captured our attentions recently.

The Undead Detective by Jennifer Hilt. A brunette woman in dark jeans and a jacket is standing out in the snow. The title is in yellow that looks like it's glowing.

Amanda: I love the atmosphere and this woman’s hair!

Sarah: Excellent use of light, too. The two brightest things are her face and the title.

That said, my hair would NEVER look that good in a snowstorm.

Amanda: I also like how the title has a different light effects. “The Undead” isn’t as bright and glowy. It’s a subtle touch, but I like it.

Elyse: She looks like Amber Heard! I love that she’s a suspense heroine who isn’t doing a dumb pose with her boobs or butt jutting out. She’s allowed to stand like a person.

The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins. The figure of a Black woman is front and center, though we can only see up to her neck. She's wearing a deep purple dress and her hands are balled into fists in her skirt.

Elyse: I’m so fascinated by this cover because at first it’s like “oh okay, lit fic. Faceless person.” Then you notice her fists and the quietly contained rage and go “ohhhhhh.”

It’s so dynamic but also subtle.

Amanda: I’m so excited about this book.

CarrieS: Those hands, man. They tell a story all by themselves.

Sarah: If this cover doesn’t win a design award I will eat my own socks


Elyse: This pleases my inner Slytherin

Sarah: LOL

Amanda: Snakes are having A MOMENT on covers.

CarrieS: YA has been KILLING it with their cover game in the last year or so and this is a great example. High contrast, inventive, moody and shiny – I love that stuff.

Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi. Two teen girls are standing close together in front of a wall covered in ivy and flowers. They're looking at each other and smiling.

Amanda: They look positively giddy to be near each other.

Sarah: You’re so right. They look both delighted and awed to be standing so closely. I love it.

Elyse: It’s conveying intimacy which I love.

CarrieS: The contrasting clothes, the flowers, the facial expressions, the body language – so warm and joyous!

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