Cover Awe: Dreamy Cuddle Groves

I don’t think we’ve had a Cover Awe in a minute! This is where we keep the snarking to a minimum and share covers with elements we like.

Never Kiss a Duke by Megan Frampton. A woman in a gorgeous dress and a man are lying together in a shady, grassy grove.

Artist credit: Gregg Gulbronson

Designer credit: Amy Halperin

Amanda: I might be the minority but I like this cover. I’m also biased when a hero has chest hair.

Elyse: I do enjoy a hirsute man.

Amanda: And I just like the whole “secret cuddle grove in the mountains.”

Carrie: I love the lush plants and the bright colors – it really stands out against all those indoor Regency covers.

And I also like the fact that he has some chest hair!

Lara: It is my Vanessa Hudgens Netflix movie dreams on a book cover! (Truly, I love her Netflix Christmas movies)

Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden. A pretty woman in a gauzy white dress is floating in a purple and green galaxy.

Artist credit: Courtney “Seage” Howlett

Designer credit: Richard Aquan

Elyse: Oh that purple color!

Carrie: Colors and swirls and subtle tentacle imagery, oh my!

Amanda: Isn’t it lovely?

Catherine: I don’t know what’s going on on this cover, but I love it. The colours are just gorgeous.


CharlotteB: It reminds me of a Chris Ofili painting. Love.

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore. An illustrated historical romance cover. There is a silhouette of a galloping horse in orange with a woman in pink at the reins and a man in blue behind her on the horse.

Artist credit: Farjana Yasmin

Amanda: This is the first illustrated historical romance cover I’ve seen. AND I’M COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH IT.

Elyse: I love it.

Carrie: Unusual, eye-catching, and fun!

Catherine: This is stunning. I love the sepia-toned London silhouette in the background, and the bright, bold figures in front of it.

Sarah: I’m still questioning whether this works for me, but if you show me that image I know exactly what author and what title so clearly it worked on several levels

Sneezy: It almost looks like a lady hijacked a statue’s horse just as the rider and horse came to life!

Lara: Bonus musical interlude … Waaaatch OUT… you might get what you’re after
Coooooool BABIES… strange but not a stranger…I’m an or-di-na-ry guy … BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE

CharlotteB: I keep assuming this is going to be a romance set at a Regency reenactment weekend, rather than a traditional historical. If the book is a traditional historical, I don’t think it works. If it’s a historically dubious madcap comedy, I think it does. I do love it from a design perspective.

Amanda: It’s definitely a traditional historical romance, but I would also read the hypothetical book you described too!

One Fine Duke by Lenora Bell. A woman in a light blue dress and a shirtless hero are lying in a dreamy field of daisies.

Artist credit: Paul Stinson

Designer credit: Guido Caroti

Photographer credit: Michael Frost

Amanda: There’s this painted, dreamy quality to it. It reminds me a lot of old school covers.

Catherine: Actually, it reminds me a bit of the Loretta James Miss Wonderful cover – something about all the tiny flowers. So lovely. (Though am I allowed just one teeny tiny snark about the veins in his hand? Such a shame on an otherwise perfect cover…)

Sarah: this cover reminds me of another historical, where the protagonists are on a field of Texas bluebonnets. Is that the Loretta Chase?

CarrieS: Those daisies look so soft they almost make me forget my hay fever.

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