Chris Rock Said Asking André 3000 For New Music Is Like “Telling Amber Rose About Her Curves”

A little over a year ago, Chris Rock shared a group photo on Instagram of himself, André 3000, Dave Chappelle, Jack White, and others with the caption, “hard at work on the new Andre 3000 album.” The post was clearly a joke, but any mention of new material from the Outkast rapper is enough to get the attention of fans. In a new interview with Hot 97, Rock discussed his relationship with André 3000 and offered an interesting comparison for those waiting on the rapper’s new material.

“I did my, you know, “We need an album” — I did speech,” Rock said. When asked about how André 3000 reacts when the topic comes up, Rock said, “He’s like a hot chick. It’s like telling Amber Rose about her curves. “Oh, you don’t say.” He’s bored out of his mind.” Watch the full interview above, with Rock’s comments on 3000 coming at the 23-minute mark.

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