Cash Money Were Brilliant at Writing Songs with Their Own Songs

Day 338: “Drop It Like It’s Hot” feat. B.G. and Mannie Fresh – Tha Block Is Hot, 1999

Lil Wayne has always had a knack for writing song hooks; it seems like memorable phrases just leap into his mind. The phrases Lil Wayne has coined or helped enshrine in the popular consciousness are manifold, from “bling bling” to “make it rain” to this one, “drop it like it’s hot,” which was so good that it later spawned a number one hit of the same name for Snoop Dogg.

As Juvenile described in an interview with Noisey last year, Cash Money would record songs and more or less they would go to the person whose turn it was to release an album next. “Bling bling,” as detailed by several people in interviews with FADER earlier this year, was a phrase that was thrown around the studio and eventually made its way from lyrics in a song to the hook of one. Basically, Cash Money’s process was to take their ideas and reuse them, to turn hot lines into hot songs. And “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” which was first part of Lil Wayne’s outro in “Back That Azz Up,” is a great example. Released nine months later, it was a smart attempt to capitalize on that song’s success. It didn’t hit in the same way, but it’s still a fun song, down to the part where Mannie Fresh talks about having “dick like a python.”

Look, Cash Money wasn’t trying to win a Pulitzer. But they did know a thing or two about pulling a good hook out of a song they’d already made and following a good idea to its logical conclusion.

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