I’d mentioned I’d been in a metro council run. That ended last night with a third place positioning behind a former councilman and a radio personality. Can’t win them all. Ah well, we’ll see how the runoffs go but unless something insane happens I’m out of politics and will not be reentering.

School’s starting for my 6yo on Monday, it’ll be first grade, and my routines will ease back into the normal which should mean some fresh content. I’ve got so many things I wanted to write about the past couple of months but evidently going door to door and knocking at houses is the most important thing you can possibly do as a candidate. Was told that over and over.

What I encountered was people who wondered if I was going to kill them on a regular basis, or younger voters who looked at me like “yeah, I know who you are and am voting for you, they actually want you to go and bother people at their houses?” to which I agreed.

Anyway, that’s done… I’ll write up the whole experience after the runoff elections, as what happened along the way I think would have a massively divisive effect on the neighborhood during election season, and I’ve seen about enough of that.

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