Best Apps of the Week for May 19

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You Can't Talk to Weather Sky, but You Can Still Get the Weather

The Google Assistant -- get help anytime, anywhere

The Google Assistant

Google, Inc.

Look Google, no hands!

Even though it’s not yet perfect, Google Assistant is one of the best apps of the week simply because of the power it gives you. In many ways, Google Assistant has already overtaken Siri in usefulness, and the app is going to keep getting better. The only real drawbacks this week are actions that don’t work quite the way they should, and the fact that you can’t replace Siri with Google Assistant. You can come awful close to that replacement, though.

Things 3

Things 3

Things 3

Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Probably the best task manager you can find

Rebuilt from the ground up, Things 3 is what a task manager should be. You can use the Share sheet extensions to collect your thoughts and tasks, and then organize them in comfort of an app that’s designed to be simple yet powerful. Things 3 is the amazing result of what was surely years of active development.

Empower: Control Your Money, Budget, Debt & Save


Empower Finance

An easy way to empower your money, budget, and debt

Empower isn’t the only money manager app available, but it’s definitely got a great overview. You can easily track all of your accounts, keep tabs on your debt, and set a realistic budget. The app also allows you to keep better savings, using the Auto Save feature.

Showrunner - The smart way to track TV Shows


Nostalgika LTDA – ME

Keep track of your TV shows with this easy-to-use and fun app

With Showrunner, you can easily keep track of your favorite series. With its discovery capability, you’ll also find new ones to enjoy. Never miss an episode of your favorite show again, and find great new ones to watch.

Synchronicity - Compare Music Libraries


Twins Rock Media, LLC

The best way to compare musical libraries and tastes

If sometimes you think there’s just too much to pick from in the music industry, this is the app for you. You can see what your friends and favorite musicians are listening to, comparing their Apple Music libraries over iMessage or Wi-Fi. It even includes a “Synchronicity Index,” so you can see how your music tastes compare with your friends’.

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