Apps for a Great Night on the Town

At Komae, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. In fact, kṓmē (ko’-may) means village in Greek! We make it super simple to build a village of trusted friends to exchange free sits.


1) Make a profile for yourself and your kids
2) Invite friends you trust to join your village
3) Post a sit request
4) Choose the most convenient offer
5) Kids have a playdate & you enjoy free time!


Created by two mom-friends, we know you want to help your friends but have a hard time asking for help yourself. Komae relieves that pressure by making it easy to exchange favors without the guilt. There are built-in parameters so that no one can take advantage of the system.


Have some free time and want to host a playdate? You can earn Komae Points! Announce your availability on the app so your villagers can make a request knowing when you are willing and able.


Who will be watching my kids?
With Komae, your real life friends become your babysitters. Simply hand select your network (we call this your Village!) and they are the only ones that see your babysitting requests and profile.

What is a Komae point?
Komae has it’s very own cash-free economy that runs on Komae points. Earn points when you babysit and spend those points when you need a babysitter. It’s a currency of care, trust, and reciprocity.

I start with zero points. Can I make a sit request?
Yes! Everyone starts with zero points and can go under to -20 points and over +20 points. So you can post a request right away, even if you haven’t given yet.

How do I find a sitter?
When you post a request for a babysitting need, Komae notifies your villagers. You are notified when someone makes an offer and you accept the offer that works best for you. Then you drop off your kids, and enjoy your free-time!

How do I earn points?
When you see that a friend is in need, make an offer to fulfill it. If there are not any open needs, announce when you are available so your friends can make requests knowing you’re ready and willing to help!

What will I do with my free time?
Go on a date with your spouse. Serve in your community. Make an appointment to touch up your roots. Clean your house and fold your laundry. Work off the baby weight at the gym. Take a nap! The options are endless and we promise…your kids will thank you for it!


Trusted Care
Your babysitting requests and profile are only visible to parents you have hand selected to be in your village.

Say goodbye to awkward favors. Your friend earns Komae points, you get free time, and the kids have fun at a play date – everyone wins!

No more texting around. When you have a need, everyone you trust is notified and can offer to help at the touch of a finger.

Save Money
Instead of paying cash, swap Komae points with friends. Use your money to get dessert rather than to pay a sitter!

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