Apple Releases iOS 11 Beta 10 to Registered Developers

Check back in this space for any new features in the latest beta version.

Here are some of the changes in beta 6.

  • New icons for Maps, App Store, and Reminders.
  • New AirPods animations.
  • Removed the six Fish Live wallpapers.

As expected, there are more changes in iOS 11 beta 5:

  • The Messages in iCloud feature has been removed and will return in a future iOS 11 update. That feature allowed users to sync all of their messages in iCloud.
  • Both the Camera and Settings icons have been tweaked.
  • A new icon in the Now Playing portion of Control Center allows users to quickly select audio sources.

Here are some of the changes found in iOS 11 beta 4:

  • On the Notification Center page, you can swipe right to open an individual notification or swipe left to close it.
  • The icons for Notes, Contacts, and Reminders have slightly been altered.
  • There is a new introductory screen when opening Notes and Photos that detail some of the changes.

Some notable changes in iOS 11 beta 3:

  • Dropbox, OneDrive, and OS X Server are now available locations in the Files app.
  • On the iPad app switcher, you now close apps by swiping up. Previously, you needed to press down on each preview window and wait to select an “X”.
  • The Notification Center no longer requires multiple swipes to view all notifications.
  • When applying a 3D Touch to the Camera icon in Control Center there is a slightly new layout.
  • Safari content blockers now work.
  • Siri can now translate from English to Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new in iOS 11 beta 2:

  • Do Not Disturb While Driving is now active. All of the Settings can be found in Settings, Do Not Disturb.
  • Google Drive is now an option in the Files app.
  • A new Apple Music search option.
  • On the iPad, you can now disable recent apps from appearing in the dock. That can be found in Settings, Multitasking.
  • A new “Save to Files” share sheet replaces “Save to iCloud Drive.” That will allow users to share documents to the new Files app.
  • Users can disable the swipe up gesture to access Control Center within apps. It can still be accessed on the homescreen. That can be found in Settings, Control Center.

Both iPhone and iPad users will be happy to hear all of the new features and more in iOS 11 including a different and clearer voice for Siri, a revamped Control Center, a new app drawer in messages, a new look to the App Store, and much, much more.

But iPad owners should definitely be the most excited for the new software as Apple has truly taken an important, and needed step forward with iOS 11. The biggest addition in iOS 11 is drag and drop capability on a number of items including apps, documents, photos and text.

A long-requested addition, Apple has finally made it easy to handle files stored on the iPad and other locations. With the aptly-named Files app, you can organize, view, and structure files with folders, subfolders, and other options.

Another new feature with a very Mac-like touch is the new Dock. You can load the area up with a maximum of 13 apps, and they are always accessible at any time with a quick swipe up. A longer swipe up from the bottom of the screen will launch the new App Switcher. Taking inspiration from both Launchpad and Mission Control on the Mac, it houses the new-look Control Center and the apps you’ve currently got open. You can view a small preview of what each app has open.

Slide Over and Split View are also getting supercharged. A second app can be opened directly from the Dock. The Slide Over app can also be placed on either the left or right-hand part of the screen. You can even quickly and easily swap out apps on the screen.

And anyone with an Apple Pencil should be happy to hear that the stylus is even more useful on the tablet with instant markup, inline drawing, and more.

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