Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Unveils Woz U for Tech Education

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Woz U

Launched online, the goal is to eventually have physical locations in 30 cities worldwide.

“Our goal is to educate and train people in employable digital skills without putting them into years of debt,” said Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer and invented the Apple II computer that launched the personal computing revolution. “People often are afraid to choose a technology-based career because they think they can’t do it. I know they can, and I want to show them how.”

A Woz U app is designed to help match potential students with the tech career best suited for them.

Woz U will help train computer support specialists and software developers. Future programs will detail data science, mobile applications, and cybersecurity.

Another part of the program will work with K-12 districts to help expose students to digital engineering concepts.


Woz U

Woz U

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