An Apple AR Headset Could Arrive Sometime in 2019

Even though the executive didn’t specifically mention a company by name, it doesn’t take a huge leap to see that it’s probably Apple:

“We are working on an AR project and have studied the optical technologies that AR devices have needed since two years ago,” Vice Chairman C.C. Leung told reporters after the Taiwanese manufacturer’s earnings conference. “Currently, we see such a device available in the market no later than the year 2019.”

The executive said the proposed AR product of which he is aware will be a “headset-like gadget with a fully transparent lens that allows users to see through and interact with the environment.”

Currently, Quanta is a major supplier of both the MacBook and Apple Watch. Apple is also Quanta’s top customer.

While the market for virtual reality products is growing, Apple CEO Tim Cook has consistently noted his preference for augmented reality. Instead of VR that presents an entirely new world, AR places information over the top of a real-world view.

Starting with iOS 11, Apple has introduced ARKit to app developers to allow them to create some amazing AR experiences.

Interestingly, a separate report from earlier today said that Apple is planning a major upgrade to the iPhone rear camera for the 2019 models to improve its AR capabilities.

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