Advertisement Opportunities for November!

The Ladies, including the newest lady of color, who has a blue polka dot dress and glassesIt’s a new month here at the hot pink palace, and I wanted to post a reminder that, as always, if you want to promote your book, boxed set, crafting patterns, or your excellent cat’s excellent habit of selecting your next read (please tell me more about that), we have options to help you out.

The site survives in part because of advertisements from and for this community, so thank you in advance for your support!

By far one of the most popular is the $50 space. If you’re looking for advertisement options and promotional opportunities on a budget, please take a look at our $50 For Every Budget Space. It’s very popular – for good reason! You receive four weeks of desktop and mobile advertisement on the most popular pages of the site for $50.

The For Every Budget Ads display on long pages, such as:

How do I reserve one? 

You can email me about it, or you can use this handy form to submit your ad and payment.

Why advertise with us?

Well, if you’re here already, you know that you and many thousands of other like-minded, romance-reading and things-knowing people hang out here daily.

When you book with us, you’re dealing with me personally (hi!). I manage the ad server and have deliberately worked to ensure that the ads presented to the community here are of interest to the community here.

One more thing: The Smart Bitches Insider

I’ll be taking reservations for 2019 soon, so if you’d like to hear about our options, and if you’d like to know about our upcoming End-of-Year promotion, please add your name to our Smart Bitches Insider list below. I’ll email you with the 2019 prices and our special bonus for booking as soon as that information is ready, so you’ll be the first to know. This email list is only for advertising updates and information, so fear not, you’ll only hear from me about that topic on this list.

And, as always, thanks for being here and for being part of Smart Bitches.



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