Adventures in BigStock: Ultimate Holiday Gifts

BigStock reached out to us about featuring their portfolio in our entries, and we had so much fun exploring, we wanted to share some of our favorite images. There are some seriously talented photographers at work in stock imagery.

There’s also a lot of gold to be mined when it comes to stock photos. Every month, we’ll share with you some great, beautiful, or downright silly things we’ve come across on BigStock. Beware of plot bunnies!

This month’s theme: Money is no object this holiday season.

Castle Highlands Scotland Landscape

When I posed the question to the Bitches on what they would want this holiday season, if there were limitless amounts of money, Redheadedgirl said she wanted a Scottish castle, complete with an operating budget thrown in. Smart caveat! Anyone have a lead on a castle for sale? Preferably cheapish?

Photo credit: Alice D. | BigStock

Luxury classic interior of home library. Sitting room with bookshelf, books, arm chair, sofa and fireplace. Clean and modern decoration with elegant furniture.

What castle would be complete without a cozy library! I foresee lots of naps being taken on that couch. A fireplace is also a must, in my opinion. While it’s not Beauty and the Beast level library standards, this one has plenty of space for more shelves and comfy, oversized furniture.

Photo credit: Luljo | BigStock

A Modern Beach House, private swimming pool, panoramic sky and sea view

Sarah had two great suggestions, the first of which being a private island with plenty of reading space. In this photo alone, I count four areas for reading. I can only imagine what the inside of the house is like. How many sofas can we lounge on? Is there a hammock? A jacuzzi tub?

Photo credit: Lek stock 3D | BigStock

Christmas wooden mansion in mountains on snowfall winter day. Cozy chalet on ski resort near pine forest. Cottage of round timber with wooden balcony. Fir-trees covered with snow. Chimneys of stone.

Not a fan of tropical climes? Don’t worry, Sarah has you covered for that, too. She also wanted a ski chalet with fresh powder for snowboarding. Here, a fire is always roaring and hot cocoa is always ready with the fluffiest marshmallows. If you need me, I’ll be napping in the den in front of yes, another fireplace.

Photo credit: Artiemedvedev | BigStock

What would be your ultimate holiday present? The sky’s the limit!


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