A Year of Lil Wayne: Lil Wayne’s “Paradice” Is Pioneering Auto-Tune Emo

Day 230: “Paradice” – Rebirth, 2010

A lot of people will tell you lies about rap history. They’ll tell you that rap is currently in its emo phase. They’ll tell you that rap is currently in its rockstar phase. They’ll try to tell you that Auto-Tune’s place in both of those trends can be traced back to Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak.

What they won’t tell you is that Lil Wayne did it all first—the emo stuff, the rock stuff, the Auto-Tune stuff—and it all came together on Rebirth. Listen to “Paradice,” known colloquially as the first Lil Uzi Vert song (just kidding, but not really). Listen to Wayne howl “oh no, this ain’t paradise” and tell me that if your favorite Soundcloud rapper dropped this tomorrow you wouldn’t tweet about how it’s fire, bro, and also about how you want to kill yourself. There’s nothing less emo than lying to yourself about your feelings, so let the truth into your life and enjoy this song where Lil Wayne sings these lines over the hugest swell of chords you’ve ever heard:

Cut school, sell crack, sorry I’m just thinkin’ back
C-call me crazy, I’ve been called worse
It’s like I have it all, but what’s it all worth?
Hehe, I’m probably better in my afterlife
I should cherish life but this just ain’t paradise

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