A Year of Lil Wayne: Friday Listening to Kanye and Sade

Day 227: “In the Morning” – The Drought Is Over 7 (unreleased), 2009

Side A:
It was a Friday
I was on the highway
Riding to that Kanye

Side B:
It’s next Friday
I’m on the highway
Riding to that Sade

I have no idea what the story of this song is other than the fact that it leaked in late 2009, supposedly as part of a Drought Is Over 7 that never actually arrived (although there was a cover, which you can see above). But it’s both a ridiculous guitar song and a ridiculous Auto-Tune song, and it demands to be listened to on repeat, so you can really begin to appreciate that Wayne not only offers to pay for this girl’s gas but insists on buying her 93 grade high-octane fuel because he just cares that much. 10/10 classic album, perfect for prepping for all your bad Friday night decisions.

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