A Short Guide To Bandcamp’s Best Hidden Gems

There are certain adjectives that spring to mind when you think of music by a “Bandcamp band” — demo-like, atmospheric, off-the-cuff. “Bandcamp artists usually aren’t expecting to get a huge reaction,” said Sophie Allison, the 19-year-old songwriter who records drowsy bedroom rock songs as Soccer Mommy. “It’s more like, Here are these songs, I hope that you like them.”

Allison would know; she’s made a lot of friends and fans by being active on Bandcamp, by following tiny labels and casually uploading her own lo-fi lullabies (some of which were recently included on her Fat Possum debut, Collection). Here, she shouts out some of her personal favorite songwriters and bands that she considers “Bandcamp artists,” a group of DIY-ish characters loosely linked not simply by sound but by vibe, by a kind of rough-hewn earnestness that’s tricky to define with words.


Listen to her picks in no particular order, below.

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