ForceBrands has put the W&S workforce under a microscope in its recent Talent Market Report. The New York-based recruiting service surveyed more than 500 executives in consumer products, and found about 15% fell under W&S.

They determined that W&S companies are treating their employees better than other categories within beverage alcohol, with more attractive benefits, perks and compensation at both large and small brands.

“The wine and spirits industry has changed dramatically over the last decade, namely due to sweeping global trends like consolidation and the influence of the health and wellness movement,”​ the ForceBrands report said.

“Today’s market is largely dominated by a handful of top brands that are focused on appealing to more health conscious consumers. As a result, low-alc beverages are gaining in popularity.”

Enticing talent with flexible perks

Josh Wand, CEO and founder of ForceBrands, told BeverageDaily that small W&S companies are giving about 8% annual raises, with large on average giving 14%. He said this is about double the national average compared to other competitive sectors.

“The ​[W&S] industry is learning to be more progressive in an effort to help capture younger talent. Companies are honoring work-life balance and offering benefits that help support families like on-site childcare and in vitro financial assistance,”​ the report said.

Large companies are on board with traditional benefits like paid maternity leave (83%) and dental insurance (73%), while smaller companies make up for any gaps with perks like off-site social events (43%), free meals (38%) and the flexibility to work from home (40%).