9 Important Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s CBS Interview

This morning, the first televised interview with Hillary Clinton since she lost the presidential election was aired on “CBS Sunday Morning.” During the 13-minute long conversation with Jane Pauley, the politician opened up about the story behind her forthcoming memoir What Happened.


Throughout the week, Clinton is expected to make additional appearances on ABC’s “The View” and the “Pod Save America” podcast. She is also scheduled for a book signing in New York at the Barnes & Noble located in Union Square. What Happened is slated for a September 12 release on Simon & Schuster.

The entire transcript from Clinton’s CBS interview can be found here. Read on for some of the biggest takeaways from the talk.

1. Going into the presidential race, she understood that she was up against sexism and misogyny.

2. Before the debates, she would practice keeping her composure in the presence of Trump.

3. She believes that the biggest mistake of her campaign was how she handled the email scandal.

4. But she blames the Russian hacking and FBI investigation for smearing her campaign.


5. She didn’t have a concession speech prepared because she assumed the victory would be hers, but she coped with the loss quickly.

6. She only attended Trump’s inauguration because of her previous role as a First Lady.

7. And she thinks that Trump showed his true colors again during his inauguration speech.

8. Even though she has recovered from the loss, it still stings eight months later.

9. Hillary’s career as an “active politician” is officially over.

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